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Our Process

We Develop

Relationships to our clients and drivers are important here. We strive to build these relationships by making our policies open door, our rates competitive to customers, as well as our pay to drivers top tier in the industry. We feel that trusting long term relationships have to start with transparency and good character.

We Plan

All efficiency starts with good planning and we firmly believe that a good system shortens the road to the goal. With dispatchers who've been in the business for years, drivers who have lots of experience, and a systematic approach to safety and time management, we feel Burton Transport takes planning to a whole new level.

We Deliver

Obviously, the end goal is delivery so our main focus is on-time service. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a very good on-time delivery record and that we also do it safely. In an industry that is increasingly demanding on-time deliveries, Burton Transport Services has something to bring to the table.


Why Choose Us

  • Business

    Our goal is to have fortune 500 results but with a small company mindset focused on friendly customer service. We shoot for slow, steady, and sustainable growth and the only way we believe we can get there is to never let the dollar be the only goal. We want to have a culture that impacts the way normal business is done. In short, integrity matters.
  • Communication

  • Technology

  • Customer Priority